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Old Arabic Cartoon Series
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Iftah Ya SimSim - إفتح يا سمسم
I have just received my DVDs, we watched 4 or 5 episodes so ..
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Iftah Ya SimSim - إفتح يا سمسم
Iftah Ya SimSim - إفتح يا سمسم

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IFTAH YA SIM SIM (Sesam Street in Arabic) إفتح يا سمسم

Finally the Sesam Street Episodes in Arabic (produced in 1983 in the Gulf region)

The Arabic episodes available here only!  on 43 DVDs (high quality) Iftah Ya Sim Sim @ 24arabia.com    or 14 DVDs (lower quality)

The best educational program to learn Arabic. Kids love it, adults miss it! The best investment you could ever make in your kids to learn Arabic language, Culture and religion. It also makes a great tools for Arabic and Islamic schools. Get it now and let your kids have fun with Numan, Malsoon the bird, Dufdaa Kamel , Anees & Badr , Gargoor, Kaaki. They will ask you to play it over and over and they will sing along and dance with it.

Enjoy this great educational and entertaining seire in Arabic Fusha on DVD quality. Arabic DVDs

Iftah Ya Sim Sim @ 24arabia.com Iftah Ya Sim Sim @ 24arabia.com
Iftah Ya Sim Sim @ 24arabia.com Iftah Ya Sim Sim @ 24arabia.com
Iftah Ya Sim Sim @ 24arabia.com Iftah Ya Sim Sim @ 24arabia.com




Arabic Description:

إفتح يا سمسم من أشهر أفلام الكرتون العربية في الشرق الأوسط

أفضل سيري تعليميّ للأطفال . معروف في كلّ أنحاء العالم . السّاعات و ساعات التّعليم العظيم بالإضافة إلى التّرفيه


المجموعة المؤلفة من حلقات كاملة مسجلة على  14 DVDs  أو على 43 DVDs لتمكينكم من مشاهدتها على احسن وجه

  :: Ratings ::
 Language :  Arabic Fusha
 Video Quality : Good
 Sound Quality : Good
 Sound System :  Stereo Sound System


All orders are shipped within 72 hours right to your front door with eXpress delivery. Shipping cost is based per weight. The more you order the less you pay for shipping.


  :: Details ::
 Duration of Episode :  32 Min. approx.
 Episodes :  Arabic Episodes
 Number of DVDs :  14 DVDs
 Number of DVDs :  43 DVDs
 Region Code :  All
 Color Mode :  Color
 Running Time :  Over 74 hours of Pure Great Cartoon


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Quality Guarantee!

Quality guarantee - If you ever find a better quality then our product we offer you your money back. read more



Arabic Attention This product is available on 43 High Quality DVDs or 14 Low Quality DVDs

Arabic Attention Please choose the Version you would like to buy.


The Low Quality 14 DVDs costs $59 and the High Quality 43 DVDs version costs $159

Current Reviews: 3

This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 08 June, 2006.

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