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  Sindibad - سندباد

  Grendizer - غريندايزر

  Finding Nemo - أوجد نيمو

  Iftah Ya SimSim - إفتح يا سمسم

  Lion King - الأسد الملك

  Tresor island - جزيرة الكنز

  Rafat Alhajan serie - رأفت الهجان

  Tales of the World - Hekayat Alamiya - حكايات عالامية

  Zeina & Nahool - زينة ونحول

  Sasuki Ninja - سازوكي

Arabs in London - عرب لندن
ابوظبي ترصد أزمة الهوية المفقود-

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    Security Programs

Putting the security of our customers on Top of our priority,  24arabia.com now is working with 3 different screening companies Maxmind , Ip2Location + FraudLabs and Worldpay to record all IP activities on our server to ensure the safest environment possible for shopping




Fraudster techniques becoming more advanced

Techniques used in online card-not-present fraud are becoming more and more sophisticated. Traditional fraud screening tools can only determine if a credit card is legitimate or if the user-entered account information matches those on record. Today, fraudsters can obtain personal credit card information, pose as the legitimate card holder, and bypass standard fraud checks.


SSL encryption of your datas

To ensure everything is safe, just like when in a store, we send our details through a secure server called the 128 SSL encryption (the best cryption found until today). Its basically a line with 'loads' of protection around it to prevent anyone getting in, a bit like 'Fort Knox'. Your data is sent 'encrypted' also, and is only de-cyphered at the other end. Your credit card details remain confidential between you and the company you are purchasing form. So just for your peace of mind, if you 'do' want to purchase from 24arabia.com , you can do so with the confidence that your personal details are safe with us


Looking at fraud from a different angle

At 24arabia.com, we approach fraud screening in a different way. We examine an online transaction from various angles. Our tools are not geared towards verifying the authenticity of the credit card details used for the purchase, but rather, identifying if the purchaser is the legitimate card holder. Through our analysis, we have been able to identify traits and patterns that are associated with fraudulent orders. By asking the right questions, we can provide e-commerce businesses with the necessary information to detect fraudulent orders before the payment is processed.


Key feature Include


Geographical IP address location checking
High risk IP address and e-mail checking
Issuing bank BIN Number country matching
minFraud Network
Post query analysis
Tracing Shipment


Fraud Attempt


Fraud Attempts

Last 10 IP fraud attempts recorded:



Chargeback Issues

Some fraudulent customers also try , after receiving their packages, to deny a charge on their Credit Card. Here you accept as a customer to 24arabia.com, that your IP address, along with ALL the informartion listed above, as well as your proof of delivery signed by you with DHL, will be all submitted to your bank upon request from the bank and a charge of Fraudulent Customer will be opened against such customers. Not only you can be marked by the Credit Card company as a fraudulent buyer and effect your future trust points at your work and in every bank, but also extra fees will be added. For any queries or comment please do not hesitate to contact our support department or read more in our privacy policy.



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